Study Guide for French Revolution Test


Study Guide for French Revolution Test

Chapter 23 in your textbook

Key terms, events and people

Estate system and population percentage in each estate

Bastille Day (what was this event)

The slogan of the French Revolution

Declaration of the Rights of Man (what was it and its impact)

Reign of Terror and who was targeted and who was safe?

Napoleon was able to accomplish what for France during peacetime?

What was the battle of Trafalgar?

Which group in France strongly embraced the ideas of the Enlightenment?

Why did the Estates-General have its first meeting in 175 years?

Why did the National Assembly lose support from the peasants?

What group of people started the Reign of Terror?

What group of people forced Robespierre out of power?

Why did Napoleon sell the Louisiana Territory?

What was the Continental System and how did Great Britain react?

How were people taxed in France before the French Revolution?

Who were the bourgeoisie and how did they differ from the Third Estate?

What does plebiscite mean?

What did Napoleon accomplish during his reign? How would you describe his character?

What does coup d’etat mean?

What does a lycee mean?

What does concordat mean?

Napoleon’s defeat in Egypt