French Revolution

French Revolution Study Guide
1. Terms:
a. Old Regime
m. Guillotine
b. Bourgeoisie
n. Émigrés( Conservatives)
c. Estates General
o. Sans- Culottes (radicals)
d. National Assembly
p. moderates
e. Bastille
q. The Directory
f. Great Fear
r. Continental System
g. Robespierre
s. Peninsular war
h. National Convention
t. Scorched earth policy
i. Marie Antoinette
u. Guerillas
j. Republic of Virtue
v. Battle of Waterloo
k. Committee of Public safety
w. Louisiana purchase
l. Reign of Terror
x. Clemens von Metternich
2. How was French society divided up? What problems were they having in France?
3. What is the assembly called in France that the King called together? Why was it called together?
What happened when it was called together?
4. Why did the 3rd estate revolt? What year is this? Why were they angry? What did the do when the
King tried to lock them out of the meeting room? What was the result? What was their task?
5. How did the other people in France become a part of the Revolution? (the other events of 1789)
Why were they afraid? What happened to the King and Queen?
6. How long did it take to write a new constitution? Who was the leader in the new Constitution?
How did the new government operate? What are the problems (still, new)?
7. Who led the revolt against the King? Why were people angry with the King?
8. What happened after the King was executed? Who took control? What was this time called? What
did the people refer to this time as and why? How did it end? Why did it end that way?
9. What form of govt does France have after Robespierre? What year is this?
10. Who is Napoleon? Why was he popular?
11. How did he rise to power? Why did people support him? What year is this?
12. What did Napoleon do for France? (laws, govt, economy, etc)
13. How did Napoleon expand France? What did he control?
14. What was his downfall? What were his 3 mistakes?
15. What happens in the peninsular war? What happens in Russia? What does Trafalgar confirm?
16. How did his short reign end? What are the hundred days?
17. What is the Congress of Vienna? What were their goals? Who became the leader of France?
18. How did the French Revolution affect other parts of Europe?
19. What is Nationalism? How does it change Italy, Germany, Austria, Russia and the Ottoman