CTE Academic Integration Lesson Planner

Lesson Title –Marketing: Economics Pt. 1 Unit Subject/Grade Level – Marketing I – 10-12
Author - McElreath
School - SHHS
Length of Lesson – 2 weeks
CTE Academic Integration Lesson Planner
What do I want students to learn?
Resources and
Standards and Benchmarks: National
Marketing Standards/ACT readiness
Curriculum Mapping Template(s)
Blackboard CTE Course:
Marketing I
Blackboard – CTE Link
*Understand fundamental economic concepts to obtain
a foundation for employment in business
*Understand the nature of business to show its
contributions to society
*Understand economic systems to be able to recognize
the environments in which businesses function
ACT College Readiness Standards (level 20-23)
*Identify clear cause-effect relationships in
uncomplicated passages
*Locate important details in uncomplicated
*Infer the main idea or purpose of straightforward
paragraphs in uncomplicated literary narratives
Students will:
•Know: (Content and
*Summarize the key principles
on which a modified free
enterprise system is based.
*Explain how supply and
demand interact to set prices
*Identify various economic
*Discuss the role of the
government and the consumer
in a market economy
*Identify the factors of
production and relate them to
the three basic questions that all
economies must answer
*List the goals of a healthy
economy, and explain how they
are measured
*Describe the four phases of the
business cycle
•Do: (Skills, Strategies,
Processes and Literacy)
*Discuss, Analyze, Cite,
and Explain Economic
*Read related articles and
determine key ideas and
*Guided Practice
*Define, List and Identify
issues and terms related to
the global economy
Lesson Title –Marketing: Economics Pt. 1 Unit Subject/Grade Level – Marketing I – 10-12
Author - McElreath
School - SHHS
Length of Lesson – 2 weeks
Enduring Understandings (Big Ideas)
For example… principles, themes, generalizations or
Example Topics/Essential
To enable students to understand and apply marketing, management, and entrepreneurial principles; to
make rational economic decisions; and to exhibit social responsibility in a global economy.
Essential Questions
Essential Questions Resources
Guiding, driving questions which lead to enduring
What is an economy, and what do we need to know about economies both in our country and globally to better
understand the impact on businesses.
How am I going to assess student learning?
Resources for Assessment
Formative assessments
Summative assessments
Formative assessments
Guided note taking activities
Article reading/Current event activities and presentations
Critical Thinking Development through questioning
Role play
Summative assessments
Chapter and Unit Test, Vocabulary, Fill in the Blank, Controlled response
How am I going to structure the learning for all students?
Learning Environment, Instructional Strategies,
Instructional Groupings, Calendar and Timelines
Teaching Resources
Lesson Plan Templates
CCSD Curricular Programs
Varies Strategies, groupings and activities will be used, such as:
*Guided note taking
*Research with student presentations
*Class discussions
*Power point slide presentations
*Current Event reading assignment
*Computer simulation activity
Teaching Resources
Print resources, technological, people, etc.
Textbook “Marketing Essentials” Glencoe, McGraw Hill – 2009 Copyright
Web sites
Guest Speakers
SHHS Media Center resouces