Lesson plan (JR): A streetcar named desire, scenes 1-3

Mr. Sudol
2/7/14 – 2/12/14 (Days 80-82)
OBJECTIVE: To dissect the character of Blanche DuBois and further analyze the characters of Blanche and
Stanley and Blanche’s interplay with Mitch.
2/7: Scene 1: In each of their groups, students will be asked to find examples of the character of Blanche DuBois
exemplifying one of the following adjectives; toward the end of class, each group will explain what character trait
t researched and give an example from scene 1 of the play that exemplifies that character trait. The following
character traits to be observed include:
 Arrogant (i.e.: how she thinks she’s better than everyone else)
 Self-Absorbed (i.e.: how she thinks how she feels is so important and how others should worry about her first
and foremost [before themselves])
 Melodramatic (i.e.: how she makes a big deal out of EVERYTHING, even things that aren’t such a big deal)
 Disingenuous (i.e.: how she puts up a front and is not totally sincere in her words and/or actions)
 Elitist (i.e.: how she “acts rich” and talks as if she is from an upper-class background)
 Volatile (i.e.: how she shifts from mood to mood with little predictability)
2/11-2/12: Scenes 2 & 3:
 As a character, what is Stanley like? What are his motives? What does he care about and what does he not
care about? What is he interested in and what is he not interested in? Give examples for each of these
 Looking at how he reacts to Blanche’s wardrobe and his impressions of how she “lost” Bell Reve, how does
Stanley feel about Blanche?
 How are Blanche’s statements to and about Stanley more honest than she is in her dialogue with other
characters? Why might this honesty exist with Stanley where it doesn’t exist with other characters?
 What “really” happened to Belle Reve from what we can discern from Blanche’s statements on p. 43?
 How does Stanley typify the concept of the “alpha male,” particularly in his actions on pp. 48-52 and 57-61?
 How does Blanche interact with Mitch in scene 3? What does she see in him? Is she completely honest with
him? Why/why not? What might Blanche’s interactions with Mitch in Scene 3 foreshadow for these
characters’ futures?
 On page 61, Blanche remarks to Mitch: “There’s so much…confusion in the world. Thank you for being so
kind! I need kindness now.” Why does Blanche need kindness in general? How might Mitch provide this
kindness? Why is Blanche so desperate for kindness from others (i.e.: why is she unable to rely on herself to
see herself through the hard times in her life)?
 2/7: Essay; Character Analysis: Pick any two of Blanche’s character traits discussed in class: explain what
aspects of her background caused these character traits to develop in her.
 2/11: Read A Streetcar Named Desire, scenes 3 – 4.
 2/12: Essay: Compare and contrast the characters of Stanley and Blanche as observed in scenes 2 and 3 of
the play. Be sure to include the following points in your analysis:
o Compare/contrast each character’s personality and social background
o Compare/contrast how “straightforward” each character is (in other words, does each character
say what they mean or do they cover up their true feelings with deception in their words or
o Compare/contrast each character’s goals/motives (i.e.: what does each character want to get out of
life and/or other people)