Flamm / English 3 A Streetcar Named Desire Quiz Review Sheet

Flamm / English 3
A Streetcar Named Desire Quiz Review Sheet
Make sure you can answer all of the following questions. (Half of them were on the first quiz.)
Character Questions:
This character has a sick mother:
Blanche thinks this character seems "superior to the others:"
Who says, "I can't stand a naked light bulb, any more than I can a rude remark or a vulgar action"?
This character says, "Thank you for being so kind! I need kindness now."
Blanche's profession is:
Stanley’s ethnic background is:
Who lives upstairs from Stanley and Stella?
Blanche and Stella hail from a background that would best be described as:
Plot Questions:
The play takes place in this city:
In the published play, Blanche arrives from this town in Mississippi:
When the reader first encounters Stanley, what is he doing?
According to Stanley, property rules in Louisiana should conform to:
The Dubois family home has this French name:
Where does Blanche first meet Mitch?
Describe Blanche’s interaction with the young man who collects for the newspaper:
When Blanche begins dancing to a waltz on the radio and Mitch tries to follow, what does Stanley do?
What happens after Stanley’s friends force him under the shower?
What causes Blanche to try to convince Stella to leave Stanley?
Blanche was once married to a young man who was:
How did this young man die?
There will also be several questions from Scene 7 (which we will read next class).