He’s dominant and
“Hey, canary bird! Toots!
Get OUT of the
BATHROOM!”(Page 75
Scene 7)
This shows that Stanley is beginning to become aggressive and angry
with Blanche. He has lost his patience and is trying to show Blanche who
rules the house by giving her a command.
This shows Stanley’s boastful nature and helps him believe he is more
powerful / greater than Blanche and Stella. At this point he is trying to
exert confidence and show he is the alpha male of the house.
“Every man is a king!
And I am the king
around here, so don’t
forget it [He hurls a cup
& saucer to the floor]”
He uses aggression
She is sexually forward
This shows that Stanley will use force to be dominant. He wants to
frighten the girls into obeying him and following his orders.
This shows that Stanley feels he has control over Stella. He forces her to
do as he says. He gives out a command showing his leadership and
“He hurls a plate to the
floor”(Page 77 Scene 8)
“[He seizes her arm]
Don’t ever talk that way
to me!” (Page 77 Scene
“Come over here like I
told you! I want to kiss
you” (Page 57 Scene 5)
This shows that, by showing her desirable sexual powers, she has control
over the young boy, by giving out a command.
This shows her backwards opinion. She is repelled by her boyfriend.
She finds out her
husband is gay
He stands up for himself
towards Stanley
“You disgust me!” (Page
67 Scene 6)
“I am cursing your
goddam luck”( page 98
scene 11)
He participates in the
game of poker
“Playing poker
tomorrow night” (page
13- scene 1)
“ this game is a seven
card stud” (page 107scene11)
He shows aggression and [he tears the paper
stands up to other
lantern off the light
bulb.] (page 86 – scene
Poker is a masculine game because it contains lots of masculine traits I.E
lying, competiveness, decite, risk-taking, money and winning.;
This shows Mitch’s aggressive and frustrated nature. By tearing off the
paper, he is taking control of the situation. This gives him more power
than Blanche and makes him dominant.
This helps Mitch look fearless, strong and masculine as he is threatening
to fight the ‘leader’ of his group. This also represents Mitch fighting for
his girl and will protect Blanche against others.
“ I’ll kill you! [he lunges
and strikes out at
Stanley]” (page 86scene 8)
“you! You done this, all
of your god damn
interfering with thing
you” to Stanley ( page
86-scene 8