A Streetcar Named Desire - Mr. Edolo

A Streetcar Named Desire
Situation: For each scene in “Streetcar” (there are eleven total), you will keep a
Journal/Log highlighting what you have found or what we have discussed in class. This
is a relatively simple project, but will be counted as a quiz grade.
1. Summary—You will briefly summarize the key components of the scene. Be sure to
include important facts. For example, in scene 1 you probably want to mention
Blanche’s reaction to the squalor that is her sister’s living situation. You may also
want to include her heavy drinking and how Stanley seems to have her figured out so
2. Questions/Commentary—You will be required to ask a minimum of three questions
regarding the scene. You will then provide commentary. For example:
Blanche, why are you so afraid of the light? Seems to me like you’re a dysfunctional,
insecure actress. You know the type—deep down they think they look good, but you
know they go home and purge the one piece of lettuce they allowed themselves for
lunch that day.
All right, Stanley. What’s the deal with the meat? Did you have to toss it like Peyton
Manning to one of his receivers? She’s your wife, man. Treat her with respect. Most
women don’t get excited to watch their men bowl.
You say you were married, Blanche, and that the “boy died”. Well, what happened?
You left us with a cliffhanger at the end of the first scene. Maybe if you plied
yourself with more of Stanley’s whiskey you’d talk a bit more and tell us.
3. Quotes—You will provide two significant quotes from the scene and comment on
them. Examples:
Stanley: Meat…Catch (Williams 14).
Commentary: Tool. You. Are. A. Tool. Monosyllabic Troglodyte. If I had a
rubber hose, I would beat you…
Blanche: Only Poe! Only Mr. Edgar Allen Poe—could do it justice (Williams 20)!
Commentary: This is when Blanche is tearing into her sister about the humbleness of
her surroundings. Having grown up on a plantation, Blanche is used to the high-end
of things, not a two room “flat”. Way to go with the reference to Poe, one of the
original authors of the horror/macabre genre. Now your sister thinks she’s living in
the House of Usher. You’re staying there for free, so maybe you should…I don’t
know…SHUT YOUR MOUTH. And quit drinking Stanley’s liquor. Lush.