A Streetcar Named Desire - Furness High School English Department

A Streetcar Named Desire
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I. Matching- Match the character to their quote (3pts each, 30 total):
1.) Blanche
a.) “This game is seven card stud.”
2.) Stanley
b.) “Poker shouldn’t be played in a house with women.”
3.) Stella
c.) “Whoever you are—I have always depended on the kindness of
4.) Mitch
5.) Eunice
6.) Steve
e.) “Don’t ever believe it. Life has to go on. No matter what happens,
you’ve got to keep on going.”
7.) The Young Man
f.) “Some people rarely touch it, but it touches them often.”
d.) “These fingernails have to be trimmed.”
8.) The Mexican Woman ______
g.) “No ma’am. Cherry.”
9.) The Matron
h.) “Flores para los muertos.”
i.) “Drunk—drunk—animal thing, you! All of you please go home!”
II. Multiple Choice (3pts each, 30 total):
______ 1.) What is the first thing that Blanche looks for after Eunice lets her into Stanley and Stella’s
a.) Money b.) Alcohol c.) Belle Reve’s deed of sale d.) A picture of Stanley
______ 2.) What sound is often heard rising and falling in the background of A Streetcar Named Desire?
a.) Steve and Eunice fighting b.) Street vendors selling “red hots” c.) The “Blue Piano” d.)
Shouts from the neighboring barrooms
______ 3.) What is Blanche’s first impression of Mitch?
a.) He is superior to the likes of Stanley b.) He is a bit of a “mamma’s boy” c.) He is very shy
and awkward around women d.) He could afford to lose a few pounds
______ 4.) What two things is New Orleans’s French Quarter described as smelling like?
a.) Coffee and whiskey b.) Bananas and cream c.) Toffee and Bananas d.) Coffee and Bananas
______ 5.) According to Blanche, what is the only thing that Stanley could possibly be good for?
a.) His looks b.) Money c.) Sex d.) Bowling
______ 6.) Which emotion most likely caused Blanche’s husband to commit suicide?
a.) Guilt b.) Depression c.) Shame d.) Anger
______ 7.) What does Stanley buy Blanche for her birthday?
a.) A bus ticket to Laurel b.) Nothing—he claims she isn’t worth one of his “red cents” c.) A
rhinestone tiara d.) A paper lantern
______ 8.) Who were Blanche’s most frequent “visitors” before she lost Belle Reve?
a.) Schoolboys b.) Married men c.) Soldiers d.) Shaw and Shep
______ 9.) Blanche claims that “desire is the opposite of…”
a.) Lust b.) Love c.) Hate d.) Death
______ 10.) What occupation was Blanche fired from?
a.) Teacher b.) Call-girl c.) Librarian d.) She did not work—she lived off of her inheritance
III. Short Answer Questions (10pts each, 40 total):
Explain how the narrator of A Streetcar Named Desire uses color to define the male and female
What does the paper lantern represent in A Streetcar Named Desire?
According to Stanley, what is “The Napoleonic Code,” and to what extent does he practice it?
What is the significance of the poker games in A Streetcar Named Desire?
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