Streetcar Scene 11 Comprehension questions

English 12 R
Mrs. Domenech/Mrs. Underwood
A Streetcar Named Desire—Scene Eleven
Comprehension questions:
1) Who does Blanche think is coming to take her away at the play’s conclusion?
2) Where, according to Blanche in scene 11, is Blanche going to die and be buried?
3) Who, in the end, comes for Blanche and takes her away?
4) What kind of food does Eunice bring into the flat and offer to Stella and Blanche?
Discussion questions:
5) Might Blanche’s bathing at the start of the final scene be symbolic, or significant?
6) Stella, in scene 11, tells Eunice that, “I couldn’t believe her [Blanche] story and go on living with
Stanley” (133). Does this mean that Stella, too, is choosing not to accept reality—to live in an
idealized world? Or does it simply mean that she has made a measured, logical decision?
7) In the final lines of the play just after Blanche has been escorted away, Stanley soothes Stella and
they end the scene in a sensual embrace. What does it mean that once Blanche is gone, Stanley and
Stella are once again lovers?
8) What does Stanley represent in the play?
9) What does Blanche represent in the play?
10) What does Stella represent in the play?