September 8, 1999

Classroom Policies – AP Calculus – Mrs. Alexander
Materials Needed by Friday, 9/11/15
A. 8 Pocket Folders, with rings
B. Loose-leaf paper
C. Graphing Calculator, TI-83+ or TI-84+ preferred
D. Pencils and Pens
A. Absent from class, but in school. (music lesson, appointment, etc.)
1. Notify me BEFORE absence.
2. You are accountable for all work as if you had attended class.
a. Turn in homework.
b. Take quiz/test.
B. Absent from school.
1. Get missed notes from classmate.
2. Check assignment sheet and keep up!
3. One day absence gets one day grace period, all others 3 days maximum.
4. Extended absences: contact the guidance office to make long term
C. Absence from test policy
1. If absent the day before the test ONLY, take the test as scheduled.
2. If absent the day of the test ONLY, take the test the day you return.
3. All other absences: the test must be made up within 3 days.
4. Although make-up test will cover the same material, do not expect them
to be the same as the regularly scheduled test.
A. Point System: all homework, quizzes, tests will be graded with two numbers:
your earned points
total # possible points
B. Quizzes
1. Occur at least once a week.
2. Usually worth 20 – 45 points.
C. Tests
1. Announced at least 3 days in advance.
2. Occur every 2 – 4 weeks.
3. Usually worth 60+ points.
D. Homework ( “Practice” )
1. Each assignment is graded using a 3 point rubric based on the following
a. Completeness
b. Neatness
c. Organization
d. An honest attempt at each problem
e. No “slacking”
2. Below is the rubric:
3 points: Completed neatly in pencil, organized, an honest attempt
at each problem and corrections in ink.
2 points: Completed, but lacking neatness, organization, an honest
attempt at each problem or corrections.
1 point: Completed, but lacking more than 1 of the above criteria.
0 points: not turned in/turned in late.
E. Miscellaneous
1. Homework Passes – to be used as a substitute for 1 homework assignment.
a. Awarded at the end of each 10 week marking period to be used the
following marking period
a. Awarded to students who turned in every assignment.
b. Awarded for an improved average or an average of 90+
c. Students may earn a maximum of 2 passes per quarter
2. If all homework assignments are turned in, the lowest quiz grade will be
dropped when determining the 10 week average.
F. 10 Week Grade
1. Determined by:
sum of your earned points
sum of total possible points available
G. Final Grade
1. Each 10 week grade counts ¼ of final grade.
Please sign and return the bottom portion on Friday, September 11, 2015.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have read Mrs. Alexander’s letter and the attached policies and I have reviewed the Course and
Unit Guidelines. I am aware of what will be expected in math class each day.
Student’s name (Please Print)______________________________________________________
Student’s signature______________________________________________________________
Parent’s signature________________________________________________Date___________
Five steps to a 5
1. Prompt arrival to class.
2. Possession of daily essential
materials (pens, pencils, books,
3. Daily note-taking.
4. Daily participation during class
5. Homework completed.