Joni Ferguson


Course Description : Medical Terminology is an in-depth study of the medical language. This will include terms used by health care workers in all career major areas. The following topics will be covered and will take approximately one week to complete:

Introduction to Medical Terminology

The Human body in Health and Disease

Skeletal System

Muscular System

Cardiovascular System

Lymphatic and Immune Systems

Respiratory System

Digestive System

Urinary System

Nervous System

Special Senses

Endocrine System

Diagnostic Procedures and Pharmacology

The textbook used is Introduction to Medical Terminology . In addition to the above topics we will be using the Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology videotapes. These 14 videos contain

25 medical terms on each tape. We will have daily homework in addition to 3-4 quizzes weekly.

This class articulates with the KCTCS course AHS 115.

Students will need to bring paper and pencil or pen to class every day. Organization of notes and handouts is encouraged. A binder or notebook with a folder is needed.

GRADING: Assignments are graded based on points earned. Each assignment is worth a specified number of points. Students are encouraged to keep an account of their grades. At the end of the grading period the points are totaled and divided by the cumulative total. The letter grade is dependent on your home high school grading scale. Students’ grades are kept current on

Infinite Campus.


Students are expected to be respectful to teachers, staff, and fellow students.

Students are expected to follow the school handbook policies. (NO CELL PHONES!)

Water bottles are allowed in class but no other food or drink.

Gum is allowed if not seen or heard. No bubbles or popping.

Make-up and hair combing are reserved for the bathroom only.

Stay awake at all times in class.

All students must participate in all class activities.