AP Environmental Science - DeRiemaker

AP Environmental Science
Course Overview and Expectations
AP Environmental Science explores the concepts of stewardship and sustainability of our
environment through a rigorous college level curriculum. Students may earn college credit by
taking this course and the AP Environmental Science test offered through the College Board on
May 2, 2016.
Teacher availability:
1st hour: Room 225, AP Enviro. Science
2nd hour: Room 225, AP Enviro. Science
3rd hour: Room 225, Environmental Science
4th hour: PREP
5th hour: Room 225, Environmental Science
6th hour: Room 225, AP Enviro. Science
Web site: www.deriemaker.weebly.com
The website has links to the class including
upcoming assignments and tests.
Email: brygida.deriemaker@uticak12.org
School phone: (586)797-1300 ext 1475
QR Code can be scanned with
smart phone to go directly to
Students are expected to spend time each night reading, studying, preparing and/or doing
homework. Knowing that students are involved in extra-curricular activities and have busy
lives, students will be allowed to turn in 3 assignments up to 1 day late for half credit. Students
shall not copy each other’s work or copy answers during the checking period for credit (late or
otherwise). Students copying and those allowing their work to be copied will both receive 0credit. Students should retain all course work in a 3-ring binder. Students should retain all
course work in a 3-ring binder with 3 section dividers labeled homework, articles and notes,
students will also need a lab field journal (1 subject spiral bound is fine) . Binder and field
journal should be used exclusively for AP Environmental Science.
AP Exam:
The exam is scheduled for Monday, May 2 at 8am. There are several resources available
including cell phone apps, flashcards by Barron’s, and several different guides available at
your local book store. I will also provide registered students with a study guide prepared by
me which is a mixture of different resources and practice tests, etc. It is expected that each
student will take the exam in May.
Students will be graded on a weighted scale. The breakdown is as follows: Tests/quizzes 50%,
Projects/labs 25%, Homework 20%, and Participation 5% (includes loss for tardies).
Makeup Tests
Makeup test will be given by appointment.
Policies and Consequences:
Students are expected to be on time, on task, and prepared each day. Each student is to bring a
writing utensil, text and binder every day. No food or drinks are allowed on lab days, no food
ANY day. No cell phones, iPods, or other electronic devices will be allowed at any time.
Students are to treat each other and superiors with respect. Students will follow all Utica
Schools and Eisenhower codes of conduct. Consequences for inappropriate behavior will be
dealt with on an individual basis according to Eisenhower policies, severity, and frequency of
the misbehavior.