lab equipment lesson plan 2

Ms. Heinz
Biology 1
Day 1 Lesson 2
50 minutes
Objectives: TSW identify important equipment used in a science lab. TSW describe the
proper use of given lab equipment. (Bio 1a, DOK 1)
Materials: lab equipment, markers/colored pencils, mini-posters
Bellwork: Name a hobby or something you enjoy doing (sports, cooking, school work,
carpentry, etc.) What equipment or tools are necessary for you to do this? List as many as
possible. (5 minutes)
Bellwork: Discuss bellwork with students. Science is also something that requires lots of
tools and equipment, and you have to know what they are and how they’re used. You are
constantly observing things and measuring things in science, and the equipment we use
makes us more effective. Today you’ll learn several different pieces of equipment, and
you’ll describe how certain things are used. (5 minutes)
1. Pass out the lab equipment worksheet and handout: How to Read a Graduated
Cylinder to each student
2. Have student skim the worksheet and identify the lab equipment they’re
already familiar with.
3. Pick up the graduated cylinder and have the students look at their handouts.
Describe the meniscus and demonstrate the proper way to read its volume.
Explain how the volume will seem different if your eyes are above or below the
meniscus, thus they should be at eye level. Pass the graduated cylinder around.
Allow students to look at it.
4. Next, students will fill in the two columns on the worksheet for graduated
cylinders. Explain that this is what they will do for every piece of equipment on
the 2 page worksheet.
5. Have every piece of laboratory equipment available for viewing and
handling. Students will continue to work on filling out their sheets.
6. Students will then pick once piece of lab equipment to make a poster out of.
7. Collect all work (35 minutes)
Today we learned about laboratory equipment. What are the different types of
equipment? How are these pieces of equipment used in the lab? Next class, you will be
taking a pretest. (5 minutes)
Informal: Teacher will question (M) students on the different types of lab equipment (C).
Formal: Students will complete an exam (M) on laboratory equipment (C). Grades will be
recorded in the gradebook (D).