MAN 4282

MAN 4282
Summer 2009
Individual Case Analysis Project (Due: July 14, 2009)
The individual case analysis project this semester will be a 5-8 page case analysis on one of the
cases listed below (both of which are in the back of your textbook). You can choose the case you
would like to analyze with the only caveat being that no more than 12 students will be allowed to
do any one case. The case assignments will be made on a first come first serve basis so let me
know as soon as you choose the case you would like to work on.
Case 3 Continental Can Company of Canada, Ltd.
Case 4 TRW Systems Group
Case 6 Yahoo!’s Rise to Fame
Your case analysis should consistent of two parts as described below:
Part I. Identification of Problems (2-4 pages)
Using only the information provided in the case, identify and explain the problems that the
company is having. In other words, identify (1) areas where there are significant and meaningful
differences between desired and actual behavior and/or desired and actual results and (2)
areas/parts/components of the organization that do not fit together or are not consistent with one
another. Once you have done this, then determine and explain the causes of the problems.
Part II. Solution of Problems Using Organization Theory Concepts (2-4 pages)
Identify action steps that you would use to solve the problems using organization theory concepts
that you have been introduced to this semester. In other words, what specific recommendations
would you make to the company to solve the problems you identified in Part I? It may help to
think in terms of what specific things you would do if you were running the company.
Basic Guidelines:
The project should be typed, single spaced, in 12pt font, with 1 inch margins top and bottom,
1.25 inch margins left and right, and page numbers centered on the bottom. The case analysis
should include a title page indicating the name of the company and your name(s) and it should be
stapled together (i.e., not bound). If you have any questions about any of these guidelines let me