Document 17555519

1. One inch margins on all sides.
2. Times 12 point font.
3. Running head: EFFECTS OF AGE (for example) and page number are at the top
of every page including the title page. Running head is positioned at the left
margin inch from the top of the page. The page number is positioned at the right
4. Double space every line in the paper including the title page.
5. The recommended length of the title is no more than 12 words.
6. Title – types in uppercase and lowercase letters, centered between left and right
margins, and positioned in the upper half of the page.
7. After the title, Author’s name is first name, middle initial, and last name.
8. Next is the institutional affiliation. This is the college name.
9. You do not have to have an author note on the title page for your paper.
10. The second page is the abstract page. The label Abstract should be typed in
uppercase and lowercase letters, centered at the top of the page below the running
head. It is a brief, concise summary about the contents of your paper. It is a
paragraph. Usually the abstract is no more than 150 to 250 words.