Feb 13, 18, 19 - Design Project: Paper Structures

Paper Structure Challenge
The Problem:
Design, construct and test and structure that will support a minimum of 60 pounds.
Materials and Restrictions:
 Cover the area of a 3 inch diameter circle
 Must be 1 ½ inches high
 Must have a 1 inch hole (cylinder) in the middle of the structure, from top to bottom
 One sheet of 8 ½ x 11 file folder paper
 One foot of ¾ inch masking tape
 One tablespoon of wood glue
Be sure to get a picture of your idea sketches and your final design before testing and upload those files to your
Google Drive
Paper Structure Design Brief
Group members:
Testing Date:
Submission Date:
Problem (restate the problem):
Materials and Restrictions (list any materials permitted/provided and any restriction/rules provided):
Research (answer any research questions provided in complete sentences):
Describe each term as it relates to structures. Be sure to provide examples where applicable.
1. Load
2. Dynamic load
3. Static load
4. Compression
5. Tension
6. Elasticity
7. Column (list 6)
8. Tie
9. Beam
10. Cantilever
11. Composite material
12. Corbelled arch
13. Dome
14. Truss
15. Girder
Ideas: Sketch in detail 3 ideas proposed by your group to solve the problem prior to construction, include
features etc.
Final Design: Use this portion of your report to include a labelled photo of your solution along with reasons
why you chose it.
Results: Explain how you did in the challenge and give details
Evaluation Questions: Answer each question in complete sentences
1. Did you solve the technological problem/challenge? How?
2. List 2 positive features and 2 negative features/aspects of your final design.
3. What concepts or engineering principles did you learn from this challenge?
4. List the differences between your original idea and your final design. What caused these changes?
5. What improvements (be specific) would you make to your final design to make it “more” successful?
Life Cycle Analysis: complete a table of all the materials used in the challenge and what they can be used for
after the challenge.
Intended Use
Future Use
Daily log: Keep a record of the daily participation of all group members
Date 1:
Date 2:
Date 3: