Positive Statements About Others

Positive Statements About Others
Objective: Students will be able to make positive statements about others.
6th Grade
Option 1
 Introduce the skill and read the steps orally.
 Pair the students. Give them three minutes to list the emotions felt
when someone says something positive to them.
 Share lists orally.
Option 2
 Review the skill & steps.
 List the words below on the board and discuss how each word relates
to the skill.
self esteem
7th Grade
Option 1
 Review the skill & steps orally.
 Emphasize the last step. Have students list other comments that
would invalidate a positive statement.
 Share & discuss.
Option 2
 Review skill steps orally.
 Have each student write 3 positive statements about peers in their
class. Encourage the students to share the positive statement with
that person!
Positive Statement About Others
1. Try to notice or find out positive
things or events about others.
Use a clear, enthusiastic tone of voice.
3. Praise a specific trait or ability of the
other person, or congratulate him/her on
a recent accomplishment.
4. Don't say anything that would
invalidate your compliment, such as
"Its about time…"
Giving Compliments
1. Look at the person.
2. Smile.
3. Speak clearly and enthusiastically.
4. Tell the person
exactly what you like.