Curriculum Mapping Category Definitions

Curriculum Mapping Definitions with Examples
Skills v. Activities
When writing Curriculum, what is the difference between a Skill and an Activity?
A Skill is what you want the student to be able to do.
An Activity provides practice concerning a particular Skill. It describes how the student
will become proficient in that Skill.
Create, through rotation, transformational
figures in 3D.
Describe, orally and visually, historical
examples of recessions in US history.
Self-evaluate, in writing, physical activities
that promote personal lifelong involvement.
Evaluate, orally and written, technological
developments that influenced how humans
work with genetically engineered crops.
Relate, visually, wooden artworks to religious
beliefs in 2 geographic regions: Africa and
Combine, visually, basic polygon shapes
(triangle, square, rectangle) to create common
State time, orally and in writing, to the nearest
minute using an analog face.
Memorize multiplication facts through 12x12
State the levels of taxonomic hierarchy from
Kingdom to Species.
Evaluate, orally and in writing, the validity of
simple scientific experiments.
Write appropriate Skills and Activities for their
own units.
Practice Rotations using triangles and squares.
Make a chart board displaying ebb and flow of
economic factors for the last 2 centuries.
Keep a daily personal fitness journal for a
Interview, in person, by phone, or via email, 3
biochemists using pre-generated questions.
Look at artwork to see if the pieces incorporate
religious icons.
Draw illustrations of own home.
Arrange a story in sequence using pre-supplied
Complete speed-skill practice worksheets to
Create, with a partner, a mnemonic verse for
memorizing the order of taxonomic levels.
(e.g., “Kings play chess on fine-grained
Listen to descriptions of experiments
performed by scientists, and with a partner
answer the question, “What could have been
done to make this experiment better?”
Working individually or in groups, write at
least 5 sets of Skills and Assessments.
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