Scientists to know for chemistry

Scientists to know for chemistry
The following is a list of scientists you need to know for the exam and for the SOL test.
Make a review including the scientist’s name and their contribution to chemistry. It can
be a Word document, a PowerPoint, flash cards, or other review method. Most of the
contributions are in your book, but you may also use the Internet. A neat feature of
Google is called the Wonder Wheel. Search the scientist’s name, go under options, and
pick Wonder Wheel. Save the project to your computer and put the file in the digital
drop box.
1st semester
J.J. Thomson
Ernest Rutherford
Max Planck
Albert Einstein
Neils Bohr
Louis de Broglie
Werner Heisenberg
Robert Millikan
John Dalton
Dmitri Mendeleev
Henry Moseley
Wolfgang Pauli
Friedrich Hund
Gilbert Lewis
Amadeo Avogadro
Aufbau Principle (not a scientist technically)
2nd semester
Henry Louis Le Chatelier
Robert Boyle
Jacques Charles
Joseph Louis Gay Lussac
Svante Arrhenius
Johannes Nicolaus Bronsted
Martin Lowry
Johannes Diderik Van der Waal
Fritz London
Germain Hess