Required Elements for Science Research Project
Purpose: This research project will show the connection between branches of science
or scientists.
You will need to research both sciences/scientists equally. You will need to show how
these two topics are connected. Ideas, inventions, discoveries, methods, and models
are all ways that one scientist will build on another’s ideas. The same is true for two
branches of science. The following questions need to be answered in your project:
What was the first scientist’s/science’s
How was the first one correct?
How was the first one incorrect or misguided?
What spurred the second scientist/science to question the first?
What experiments/field work did the second science/scientist perform to test the
new idea/invention/discovery/method/model?
What improvements have been made to the first?
How has the second science or scientist built upon the other’s work?
What is the new claim/idea/invention/discovery/method/model?
What are the current ideas on this topic/scientist and who has been involved in
the ideas?
What are your thoughts/opinions on the “new and improved” topic?