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8th Grade Earth Science
In our class this will be a place for you to model the work of scientists. It is a place
where you will record observations, create diagrams and drawings, analyze data, form
associations and connections to other learning, ask thoughtful questions and reflect on
experiences in our classroom.
Think as a scientist…. Record as a scientist…. And reflect as a scientist!
Journal Rules:
1. Please bring this journal to class every day. It should be a part of your science binder.
Please DO NOT rip out any pages; you will need all of them!
2. A Table of Contents will be kept in the front of the Journal and we will update this section
as a class
3. Pages will be numbered consecutively. Do not skip pages. Each page will be titled and
dated when the need arises
4. Keep your journal organized and only add information that you are directed to add. NO
DOODLING in your journal!
5. Treat your Journal nicely and with respect, keeping it in good condition
6. Always use a PENCIL for your entries unless told otherwise. You can use colored
pencils in your journal, but NO MARKERS. All work should be done neatly
7. If you lose your journal, you must replace it immediately and bring it up to date with the
work we have completed
8. Ms. Penney will keep a “teacher copy” of our science journal should your feel the need
to check your table of contents and organization.
9. Journals will be checked periodically in a variety of methods. This will usually happen
without warning
Students please sign below that you understand the expectations for our science journals.
Parents/Guardians please sign that your child has shared this information with you.
As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me through email –