Famous French People Power Point Project – Final French V

Famous French People Power Point Project – Final French V
My person is: ______________________
The due date is: ____________________
Research questions assignment due: ____________
THIS PROJECT IS A Final TEST GRADE. It will only be taken one day late for half the grade you would
have earned had you turned it in on time. No excuses accepted. None. Your project must be brought to
school on a jump drive.
You are to create a Power Point on your assigned French person ALL IN FRENCH.
The Power Point should be informative, creative, and well laid-out. You must have a minimum of 12 slides.
You shouldn’t always just do the minimum of any project though. Make yours stand out! Earning an A means
you’ve gone Above and Beyond all the other projects and requirements. You must also include a site slide that
tells me which websites you used to obtain your information. NOTE! Yahoo etc. is not the website that you got
your information off of. It simply led you to the site that you did use. List the name of that site. It is minus 15
points if you forget your sites slide and points off if you list your sites incorrectly. Why so many points? Because
it’s plagiarism to not document!
(I should technically fail you if you don’t include sources.)
~What do we want to know about your person?
Who are they? Where exactly are they from? How does your person make/ or how did they make a living? What
are they known for? Who did they influence? What were important dates or events in their life? What did they
do to make them make this famous person list? BASICALLY, tell us all the important facts so we can become
familiar with your person. I want a brief biography, but we don’t want to be bored! So, skip the minute details.
Unless your person really has some fascinating family we don’t need to hear about how many children they had,
etc. Add in as many neat pictures of your person that you can find off of the Internet. We want to know what
they looked like and what they did! Do not add sound unless you have a musician and you are adding a music
clip of theirs.
Rubric of evaluation
You will be graded on the following:
~Title Slide (5)
~Layout & organization (5)
Does your Power Point presentation flow well? Is it in a logical order?
~Visual attractiveness (15)
Did you add color? Did you add pictures of your person or what they did? Did you animate?
How creative is your project compared to the rest of the class?
~Can we read your font? (5) (If you make your font the size you would do for a paper we
will NOT be able to read it. You must remember we are watching it from a projector.)
~Professionalism (5)
Did you give an adult-like presentation, or did you cut up and use slang?
~Presentation (15)
Did you read your project to us or present the info you learned? Being read to is boring.
Present. Teach us. Could you pronounce what you said? Can we tell you rehearsed your
presentation? Could we hear you? Were you enthusiastic in your presentation?
~Information (20)
In general, did you include some good information or vague facts? Did you
skip over important information that you should have included? Did you share their major
accomplishments? What is the quaility and quantity of information you gave? Again how
does your information compare with what other students shared?
~Grammar (5)
Are there spelling mistakes in your project? Is there missing punctuation?
~Titles of slides in French (10)
Is there a title per new slide of information? Is it in French? Is it grammatically correct?
Are there spelling errors?
~Websites used slide (15)
Not being specific will lose you points here.
You probably don’t know too much about these French people now. The point of this project is for you to be able
to become familiar with these people. (We all want to be a little more well-rounded and smarter right? )
*****If you work on your project at school save your project on your account and THEN ON A FLASH
DRIVE not on the hard drive of the computer you're working on. If you save your project on the hard drive your
project will get erased as soon as that computer is turned off. Go to file, save as, and then look for your account.
DO NOT just hit “control s.”
Hitting “control s” will erase your project. If you will want to print information it is 10 cents per page to do
****If you have Microsoft Office 2007 the project needs to be saved with the extension Word 97-2003 & 6.0/95
– RTF. That can be found when the save the project under “save as type.” We do not have Office 2007 at school
and will be unable to view your project if not saved in an older format.*******
People to chose from:
1. Louis Pasteur
2. Rene Descartes
3. Blaise Pascal
4. Claude Debussy
5. Cézanne
6. Simone de Beauvoir
7. Jean-Paul Sartre
8. Moliere
9. Charles Gounod
10. Jean-Baptiste Corot
11. Eugene Delacroix
12. Jean-Honore Fragonard
13. Paul Gaugin
14. Pierre Corneille
15. Victor Hugo
16. Sophie Marceau
17. Jacques Cousteau
18. Thierry Henry
19. Charles Baudelaire
20. Albert Camus
21. Zinedine Zidane
22. Alexandre Dumas
23. Gustave Flaubert
24. Marcel Proust
25. Jules Verne
26. Voltaire
27. Emile Zola
28. Leopold Senghor
29. MC Solaar
30. Isabelle Adjani
31. Yannick Noah
32. Patricia Kaas
33. Gerard Depardieu
34. Coco Chanel
35. Louis Braille
36. Yves Saint Laurent
37. Charles de Gaulle
38. Georges Pompidou
39. Camille Claudel
40. Jules Mansart
41. Jean-Auguste Ingres
42. Aimé Césaire
43. Marie Antoinette
44. Louis XIV
45. Louis XVI
46. Joan d’Arc
47. Napoleon
48. Jacques Chirac
49. Claude Monet
50. Auguste Renoir
51. Josephine Baker
52. Marie Curie
53. Armand Peugeot
54. Roche Voisine
55. Chopin