Outline of Key Points—The Inclusion Breakthrough

Outline of Key Points—The Inclusion Breakthrough
Definition of an inclusion breakthrough
A. Transformation of organizational culture
every individual is valued as part of the competitive advantage
increases productivity
acknowledges that diversity is found in all individuals
mission critical not just linked to Human Resource functions, i.e., “diversity in
a box”
B. Barriers to inclusion breakthroughs
5. disregard for differences
6. subtle discrimination
II. Fundamentals of an inclusion breakthrough
A. Define new competencies/behaviors
1. honest communication across differences
2. resolve conflicts
3. value each person as a contributor to the mission
B. Align policies and practices
1. make more inclusive
2. treat employees according to their needs
C. Leverage a diverse labor force
1. see differences as advantages
2. address biases and systemic issues
3. work to attract and retain a diverse workforce
4. become the employer of choice for new employees
D. Connect with the local community
E. Use diversity to tap into diverse markets
III. Building an inclusion breakthrough – 4 phases
A. Phase #1 - laying the foundation for organizational change
1. needs support from top management
2. requires a comprehensive organizational assessment and a baseline
3. involves all social identity groups
B. Phase #2 – mobilizing change efforts
1. develop 12-18 month plan
2. breakdown overt and covert forms of discrimination
3. develop a networking system
C. Phase #3 – making change an everyday activity
1. practice new behaviors
2. measure performance
3. train and educate about diversity
4. identify change agents
D. Phase #4 – sustain and challenge new change
1. continually re-evaluate diversity initiatives
2. assess progress
3. involve customers, suppliers, etc.
IV. Breaking diversity out of the Human Resource box
A. Frees the potential of human capital
B. Improves productivity