APUSH Chapter 15 Group Project:

APUSH Chapter 10 Group Project:
Antebellum Reform Movements
You may work in groups of 3.
You will perform your infomercial Thursday. You do have the option to film your infomercial and present the
film Thursday.
Develop an infomercial describing your reform movement. The goal of the presentation is to convince your classmates to
buy into or join your assigned reform movement. All infomercials must include a visual aid.
Be creative! Costumes, props, and the use of music are encouraged to help sell your “cause”.
Presenting your infomercial in costume will help you get into character. As you research your topic, take notes on the
clothing and appearance of the people who lived in 19th century America.
Prison and Institutional Reform
Women’s Rights
Note: The topics are First come, first serve!
Each infomercial must include the following information:
1. Organizations associated with the reform movement
2. Leaders/important people of the reform movement
3. Goals
4. Accomplishments
5. Persuasive- Did you convince the audience to join your cause?
This assignment will be placed in the project category of your grade and will be evaluated based on the criteria below.
Evaluation Rubric
Organization – Is it Persuasive?
Content Knowledge – Were all 5 pieces of required information present?
Use of Visuals – Were they relevant? Effort at creativity? Costumes?
Group collaboration
Delivery – Clear & easy to understand? Enthusiastic? Audience eye contact? Does the
student read directly off a screen?
Total 
0-2 points
0-2 points
0-2 points
0-2 points
0-2 points
10 points