Course Expectations - Global History and Geography 9 Regents

Global History and Geography 9 Regents
Ms. Anuszkiewicz
Course Description
Global History and Geography 9 is the first year of a two-year sequence culminating in
the Global History and Geography Regents exam. All students enrolled in this course are
required to take the Regents exam in June of their sophomore year.
A chronological approach is used in Global History and Geography. The ninth grade
studies the political, economic, religious, social, and cultural systems of the peoples of
Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America from prehistory to Scientific Revolution.
New York State Common Core Social Studies Standards, Grades 9-10
The common core standards will be introduced where appropriate and as they appear
relevant to the chronology of the course.
Class Expectations
Students are expected to arrive to class promptly and to have with them the
necessary materials (notebooks, worksheets, homework, etc.).
Students should act in a socially acceptable manner, demonstrating respect for
self, for peers, the instructor and school property.
If a student is absent, he/she is responsible for missed assignments and class
If a student is confused about an assignment or class discussion he/she is expected
to seek extra help from the teacher – this is NOT a valid excuse for missing an
Textbook/Supplementary Materials
World History: Connections To Today, written by Elisabeth Gaynor Ellis, et al.
Supplemental materials include appropriate paperback books, maps, films, dvds, and
Spiral notebook or loose-leaf binder for class notes and homework
Pocket Folder for handouts
Colored pencils for map work
Blue/Black ink pens or pencils
Pocket dictionary
3” x 5” index cards
Homework will be assigned each night and will be checked the following class session.
The homework will be written on the board as well as posted online. All questions must
be answered in complete sentences. Homework must be handed in the class period it is
due. Assignments not handed in on time will not be accepted. Parents will be called
after three missed assignments.
Tests are always announced in advance. If a test is missed due to absence, a makeup test
should be scheduled for the day after returning to school. If the student missed the
material, the instructor will provide him/her with the work missed. As per the student
handbook, all tests must be made up within 5 days of returning to school. The student
will receive a grade of zero for any test not made up within the stated time. All makeup
tests will be administered during the activity period.
Grading Policy
Quarter grades will be computed as follows:
Homework, Participation/Motivation
5% of the participation grade will be determined in the following
manner: (-5) points for each lateness and (-20) points for each illegal
absence per quarter, out of 100 points.
The final grade will be computed as follows:
Average of quarter grades
Mid Term Exam
Final Exam
Projects may be assigned from time to time. Projects will be evaluated on historical
content, research, neatness, originality, creativity, and where appropriate, group
participation. Projects can take many forms and will be assigned well in advance of the
date. Projects not handed in on the due date will NOT be accepted.
The student must be in class when scheduled. Absences and lateness will be recorded as
per district policy. (Consult Student Handbook for details.)
Extra Help is available during Activity Period. Please remember to make an
appointment first.
I have read and I understand the information above.
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