M411 System Design - Project Proposal form

Points to consider when designing a component or product.
 Design for functionality
 Ergonomics
 Practicality
 Aesthetics
Note: Aim for the simplest design solution that will do the job well but
do not over simplify.
 Design for cost effectiveness
 The most cost saving that can be derived from a product starts at the
conceptual or design stage.
Note: The simplest and cheapest component design may not always be
the most economic in a total sense - False Economy.
 Design for manufacture
 Know what are the manufacturing facilities available to you
 Know what the times are for each manufacturing operation
 Know if the component to be designed is for prototype or mass
 Know what kind of parts and components are available from vendors.
Goals: to minimize component and assembly costs
to minimize development cycles
to enable higher-quality products to be made
 Design for assembly
 Make sure parts designed are easily or readily assembled with existing
 Will the components be assembled manually by hand or by high speed
automatic assembly or robot assembly?
 Design for maintenance (optional)
 Is the component designed for throw-away philosophy or remove and
Always remember....
No design is perfect. There is always room for improvement. The drive for
improvement must be inexorable and relentless.
Enzo Ferrari