HWK1 – The Design Process
Learning objective: To show knowledge of the
different stages of the design process.
The design process is a series of stages we go through when designing all products. The British inventor
and engineer James Dyson uses a very simple design process: “Design. Build. Test.”
Using your own words, complete the missing stages of the design process below. It is important that you write down your own understanding of
the stage, do not just copy and paste from the Internet. Try to also point out which stages of the design process can include CAD and CAM.
Analysis of Design Context
This stage is a short statement stating what you are going to do in order to solve the design context. This stage
should start with the words: “I intend to design and manufacture…”
This stage of the design process is a numbered list of points your product must have/be/do.
Initial ideas
This stage you modify and revise an initial idea until you reach the best possible solution. You should also begin
to understand how your product would be manufactured. This stage may include modelling.
Plan of Manufacture
This is the fun part! Here you get to make your final design.
__________ and Evaluation
Project: USB STICK