Ec 100 - Economics

University of California, Davis
Department of Economics
International Trade
ECN160A, SSI 2007
MTW 4:10-5:50 p. Hart 1130
Office Hours: F 4:00-6:00p
Prof. Farshid Mojaver
SSH 1110, 752-3379
Prerequisites: Economics 1A, 1B, and 100.
Text: Feenstra and Taylor, International Economics, Ch 2-10
Web Page: For copies of lecture notes, homework assignments and solution keys see
Teaching Assistant: Discussion Session R 2:10-3:50 Olson 141 and 4:10-5:50p, Wellman 115
Hong (Alex) Ma,
SSH 113, 752-3488,
Office Hours: M 12-2:00p.
Outline of Topics:
1- Introductory issues, Reasons for Trade (lecture notes)
2- The Ricardian Model (chapter 2& lecture notes)
3- The Specific-Factors Model (lecture notes, Ch 3& lecture notes)
4- International Factor Movement (chapter 4 & lecture notes)
5- The Heckscher-Ohlin Model (chapter 5& lecture notes)
6- Foreign Outsourcing of Goods and Services (chapter 6& lecture notes)
7- Increasing Returns to Scale (ch10 & lecture notes)
8- Trade Policy (chapter 7-9 & lecture notes)
9- The Political Economy of Trade Policy (lecture notes)
10- Controversies in Trade Policy (lecture notes)
11- Trade Policy in Developing Countries (lecture notes) –as time permits
There are two tests in this course that will be given in class in the following dates:
Midterm on Monday July 16
Final Exam on Wednesday August 1
Class grade will be based on the best of 10% Homework 40% MID and 50% Final or 10% HW
and 90% final. Missing the midterm will result in one step drop in course grade (i.e., from B+ to
B). No makeup exams will be given. The course grades are assigned on a curve. There will be no
makeup exams.
Home works Assignments: There will be 5 homework assignments, designed to help you to get
a better understanding of the material and also to prepare you for the exams. These will be
collected in class (before lecture) and graded from score 0 to 4 (4=excellent, 3=good, 2=below
average yet acceptable, 0= missing, late or unsatisfactory).
HW Due Dates:
M Jul 2
M Jul 9
W Jul 11
M Jul 23
M Jul 30