LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE Standard: Name Michelle McGuire

Name Michelle McGuire
Date July 19, 2004
Locate on a map where their ancestors live( d), telling when the family moved to the local community and
how and why they made the trip. (History 2ND Grade)
The student should be able to (using a world map) identify country(ies) of ancestral origin and share their
understanding of how their family came to be located in their local community. (Knowledge, Application)
Syntax of the Model of
Description of the Lesson
Use myself as an example for the
activity to show them the personal
relevance of the activity.
Technological Enhancement
Input of Information
(how and why, what mode
and with what kind of aides)
Share my own story of ancestry in a
storytelling method. Then use and color
a map to further illustrate my narrative
by showing the students where my own
family came from.
Video clips of children from
around the world.
Checking Comprehension
(did they understand, do you
need to input in a new way?)
Ask if there are any questions.
Let the children work in groups.
Wander around the room to check on
student work.
Ask for volunteers or pick various
students to share their maps and
describe what they know about their
family origins.
Have students hand in a sheet listing 3-5
Structured Practice
(in a structured way to insure facts about their family origin to be
included with their map. (To be
displayed on the wall!)
Guided Practice
(in a more difficult way to
really show you they are
grasping the concept)
Jul. 2004
Write 3-5 facts to accompany my own
map at a greater level of difficulty than
what is observed in the class. Ask the
students to add one more fact using
mine as an example.
(As a PPT) Pictures of children
and the countries that they might
come from (have the kids try to
match them to gain more comfort
with the assignment).
Have students pick and type one
fact on a computer in a creative
font for their map display.
In addition to typing the one
family fact, they can look up one
country fact and include it in their
short write up for their display.
Show the students my finished map
( how do you bring to a close display and tell them 3 new things that I
learned from their map displays.
and sum up what learning
was to take place)
Show video or play sound scape
that illustrates facts that people
learned and never knew about
different countries and even
Formal/Informal Assessment (reflection of degree some students reached the objective.)
Quickly assess each map display (map and text) as they are turned in. If there appears to be any student who at this end point who
have not been able to complete the assignment, give them the option to complete it at home with the help of parents or siblings.
Reward students with exceptional map displays with gold stars!!! (I’ve always wanted to say that!)
Jul. 2004