CIS 110 Lab 4(09spring) - School of Computer and Information

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CIS 110 – Introduction to Computer and Information Science
Instructor: Paul Overstreet
Spring 2009 Lab #4
Due: Wednesday, April 8, 2009
1. Name the two types of software included in system software.
2. Name the four types of Operating Systems and give an example of each.
3. List the jobs of the operating system.
4. List the steps of the Boot Process.
5. List two types or functions of utility programs.
6. List the 6 major subsystems of a computer.
Name:____________________________________ JNumber:_______________________ Section:_________
7. Describe the 4 major differences between memory and storage.
8. List the 5 types of ram discussed in class from slowest to fastest. For bonus points write out the full
name as well as the abbreviation.
9. List as many types of ports as you can. Give an example of the type of hardware connected to or
describe the function of each type.
10. List the two major network architecture types
11. List the four components required for a network
12. List the two types of Network Navigation devices and give the job domain of each.