insert your school name here - College of Continuing Education

College in the Schools
A nationally accredited concurrent
enrollment program
College in the Schools (CIS)
• Students earn U of M credits without
leaving (insert your school name here).
• Courses are the same courses that are
taught on the U of M campus.
• Credits are recognized by most colleges
and universities.
• Students have the opportunity to reduce
the cost of a college education.
CIS students
• Are U of M-TC students as well as high
school students.
• Receive a University ID, e-mail
accounts, and library access.
• Are graded on their body of work, just
as the students on campus.
• Receive their college grade on an
official U of M transcript.
CIS Teachers
• Are trained and supervised by U of MTC faculty.
• Participate in ongoing, disciplinespecific, University-based professional
development that connects them with
the University and collegial resources.