Calculus Syllabus - St. Mary Parish Schools

Calculus (Honors) Syllabus
Fall 2015—1st Block
Teacher: Mrs. Noelle Lowrimore
Room Number: 107
Prep Period: 4th block
School phone: 985-384-8450
Email: [email protected]
Edmodo Group Code: ttgn4x
Remind 101: Text @bhscalc15 to 81010
 Lesson Plans: Go to
 Click on student view
 Enter email: [email protected] and student key: nlowrimore107
Course Expectations
As an upper level math course, expectations for student performance will be high. Students will be required to complete all
assignments by their given due date. Students may have to spend additional time working on assignments outside of class. Students
will be expected to maintain open lines of communication with the instructor and ask for assistance if needed. Students should make
attendance a top priority and put forth their best effort at all times in order to achieve positive results.
Tentative Units of Study and Suggested Timeline
Review of algebra, geometry and trigonometry (1 – 2 weeks)
Limits (1 week)
Derivatives (3 – 4 weeks)
Applications of derivatives (2 – 3 weeks)
Mid term review and exam (1 week)
Integrals (2 – 3 weeks)
Applications of Integrals (2 – 3 weeks)
Final review and exam (1 week)
Assessment/Evaluation Categories
Tests and nine weeks exams
Class starters
Grading Scale
100 – 90
89 – 80
79 – 70
69 – 60
< 59
Posting of Grades
All grades will be posted in a timely manner on the JPAMS, which can be accessed through the Parent Command Center. Every
student and parent should have home access to the Parent Command Center at this time. If you do not, please ask for help.
Makeup Policy
It is the student’s responsibility to make up all tests missed in testing center. Assignments must be made up within a
week; otherwise, a grade of zero will be applied.
School-Wide Disciplinary Guidelines—Panther POWER
PRIDE—Take pride in yourself and school at all times.
OPPORTUNITY—Use your time wisely and do what is required.
WITH-IT-NESS—Bring all required materials to class.
EXCELLENCE—Put forth your best effort in all of your endeavors.
RESPECT—Respect yourself and others at all times.
School-Wide Disciplinary Procedures
The teacher will use an anecdotal record to maintain minor infractions (i.e., tardies, leaving the classroom for any reason, nonattentiveness, not having required materials). After the third minor infraction, the teacher will contact the parent. After the fifth
minor infraction, the student will be referred to the office for further disciplinary action. Any severe infraction or disturbance
will be referred to the office immediately.
Required Class Materials
1 composition notebook
1 notebook for practice problems/homework
Graph paper
1 manila folder
Pencils with erasers
1 roll of paper towels
School issued agenda
TI-84+ graphing calculator (strongly recommended but not required)
$2.00 Math Dept. Fee
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