The Americans – Final Essay Examination
Please answer four of these questions as directed by your teacher. Each answer is worth
25 points and this exam is 50% of your final exam grade. You have a full hour to
complete your essays. Each essay should be one or two long paragraphs and should
completely explore the “think about” points.
A. (ch 18) What effect did the yellow journalism used by Hearst and Pulitzer before and
during the Spanish-American War have on American reactions to the situation in Cuba?
How do you feel about the use of such journalism?
Think About:
- the definition of yellow journalism
- the reasons for using such journalism
- the indirect results of yellow journalism
B. (ch 19) In what ways was World War I different from earlier wars in which the United
States had been involved?
Think About:
- weapons used in the war
- nations involved in the fighting
- people who lost their lives in the war
- where the fighting took place
C. (ch 20) What technological invention or advancement of the 1920s had the biggest
impact on the life of the average American? Explain your opinion.
Think About:- advances in the fields of business, transportation, power, and machinery
- the basic needs of Americans
- the conveniences offered by new technology
D. (ch 21) How did the lives of women change during the 1920s?
Think About: - social attitudes - fashion
- work opportunities - home life
E. (ch 22) Write a paragraph describing how the Great Depression affected the daily lives
of average Americans.
Think About:
- employment
- basic needs such as food and shelter
- social and psychological effects
- women, children, and minorities
F. (ch 25) What effect did World War II have on the lives of women and African
Think About:
- job opportunities created by the war
- military service
G. (ch 26) Explain how the fear of communism affected American life during the early
years of the Cold War.
Think About:
- blacklisting and HUAC
- McCarthyism
H. (ch 28) Name two laws that were passed as part of the Great Society and explain the
purpose of each law.
Think About:
- discrimination
- "war on poverty"
- health insurance
- standards in the automobile industry
I. (ch 30) Describe some of the most important effects of the Vietnam War on the United
States and the American people.
Think About:
- the effects on those who served in the war
- the effect on society as citizens formed differing opinions about the war
- how the war affected people's perceptions of government