First Year Programs & Learning Community (FYP&LC) Faculty

First Year Programs & Learning Community (FYP&LC)
Faculty Course Oversight Committee
University of Connecticut
April 1, 2013
ROWE (CUE) 234
Members: Steve Zinn (Chair, ANSC), Scott Brown(EPSY), Stephen Dyson (POLS), Cliff Nelson (BUSN),
Crystal Park (PSYC), Ron Sabatelli(HDFS), Jaci VanHeest (EPSY, Public Health House), Mark Westa (CANR,
Ex Officio Members: Melissa Foreman, Shawna Lesseur, Amanda MacTaggart, Maria D. Martinez, Kelly
Nemeth, David Ouimette
Welcome and Announcements
II. Review of the 03-04-13 minutes
III. Old Business
a. University Senate Update – UNIV 1820 and 1840
b. Instructor Certification and Review Process Update – Legal Requirements
IV. New Business
a. FYP&LC Staff Updates
b. UNIV 1820 Standards and Review Process
c. UNIV 3840 New Course Proposal Advanced Learning Community Service-Learning
d. Faculty Oversight Committee Member Terms
V. Future Agenda Items
a. Continue Review of 1820 Course Proposals
Next Meeting: April 29, 1-2:30PM, FYP&LC Conference Room ROWE (CUE) 234
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