Computer Games Programming and
Graphics Awards
Level 3
Welcome back to Stafford
Consolidate experience obtained in Industry
Hard Work !!!
24+ Weeks of sustained effort to meet ultimate goal
Little and Often
– Better to study a small amount every day than cram at
strategic points
• Bob Hobbs
– Scheme leader, plus Level 1 and 3
– just moved to K354
• Trevor Adams
– Level 2 leader for Scheme
• Kate Cranston
– new award administrator, same desk as Julie
– award support office K243
• Janice Kalicz
– student advisor
• check your University email frequently!
new Games AI lab K102
new PCs for K106 – VERY soon
PS3 and PSP dev kits on the way
mobile lab K110
– Java ME and Android phones for testing mobile
– RFID development kits
Modules and Timetables
• I need your module choice forms!!!!!!!
• if you have chosen your modules but want to form, fill
in a module change form asap
• resourcing decisions need to be made NOW
• Check option clashes with current timetable
– but beware it often changes
– report any clashes (S1 for now) and we'll see what we can do
Modules - CGP
Project Module 1
Computer Graphics
Information Systems
Engineering in Industry
(core for BEng/MEng)
Further AI
AI Engines for Games
Advanced Programming for 3D
Graphics Applications
Advanced Windows Games
Further Programming for
Mobile and Handheld
Device (Android)
Project Module 2
Project Module 3
On-line Gaming
Real-Time Rendering and
Character AI
Practical Game Strategies
Modules - CG
Project Module 1
Computer Graphics
Image Processing, Computer
Vision and Pattern
Information Systems
Engineering in Industry
(core for BEng/MEng)
Chaos and Fractals
AI Engines for Games
Advanced Programming for 3D
Graphics Applications
Further AI
Project Module 2
Project Module 3
Real-Time Rendering and
General Option
• The regulations have changed in response to
government rules
• You MUST submit all assessments and attend
all examinations / tests
• You MUST attend and engage with the module
• any referrals (IF you are eligible) will be the
August resit week
– w/c 15 August 2011
Final Year Project (FYP)
• 3 modules
Nominally 1 in Semester 1, 2 in Semester 2
• Induction for FYP
– Introduces project structure, web facility and critical milestones
– Process for securing project tutor
• Project/Research lectures
– First 4 weeks of term 1. One two hour lecture repeated. Go to one
– Very important – explains process requirements and research
• Personal Research
– Make use of online sources of research material such as online
journals and ebooks. Library has comprehensive list available
through portal.
• Plan, plan, plan ,………
• Spec. more than one possible proposal
• Discuss with several tutors and/or work
colleagues from placement
– find a supervisor with appropriate interests
– "disciplines" in FYP system
– Steve Foster
• FYP has to be approved as valid for the award
– Game Programming (or Game AI) content
– Intellectual content has to be evident
• Can be subset of a game focusing on more specific detail e.g.
fluid motion, texture enhancement, collaborative AI, etc…
• Can be serious application of game prog. concepts.
– Feasible to implement
Showcase your talent
Rehearsal for FYP viva
Create portfolio
Make a Video - FRAPS
Explore postgraduate opportunities early
Milk round for graduate job vacancies
Consider research qualifications
Research PG funding opportunities
Write to companies.
Put portfolio together.
Network with other students and recent
graduates through alumnus programme.
• University has business support programme for
self-employed start-ups.
Students reps
• need some volunteers!
Where next?
• see me after talk with any questions
– or in my office K233
– especially if you are new, or repeating, or changing awards
• Bob will be back Monday
• Fill in and submit your module choice / change
• Projects, Careers, Postgraduate Study, Library,
– Tomorrow 9:30 – 11:30
– Red Lecture Theatre
• You will find Level 3 the most challenging of
your academic career
– advanced modules, project, finding a job....
• But also the most rewarding
• Talk to Bob, Janice, your project supervisor if
you have any problems
• With luck, all the hard work will all be over by
the end of May!!