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June 2014
Higher Education Policies:
Challenges and Opportunities
Dr John Law
5th June 2014
June 2014
June 2014
Higher education is recognised as a key force for
modernization and development: but….
• Unstoppable demand for access
• Diminished human capital
• Weakened Infrastructure
• Loss of key international links
• Capacity, security and bureaucracy issues
June 2014
The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
is preparing a new law concerning higher education
• Restructuring and consolidating provision
• Access
• Equity
• Diversity
• High level research capacity
June 2014
Preparing the next generation of graduates with relevant skill
sets to encourage innovation and drive economic growth
• Working in partnership
• International reputation and penetration of UK HE policies and
practices (QAA, T&L methods, research training, leadership
and governance, employability and entrepreneurship, IT )
• Diversity of UK HE sector
June 2014
Strategies for re-engagement with the international community
• Grow global networks of researchers students and institutions
• Strengthen international cooperation
• TNE opportunities
• Priorities for research include: Biotechnology Applications,
Medicine, Astrology, Desert society growth studies,
Economics, and Renewable Energy…..and more
June 2014
Govt to
Univ to
June 2014
The question for us…..
by innovating in repose to limitations, - financial, material,
systemic or institutional - and by making a detailed
assessment of the needs, capabilities and pressures on
people, institutions and systems, can we create an
intervention that offers the best opportunities for our talented
young people?
June 2014
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