Format for FYP Report

Format for FYP Report
1. The report should be typewritten in English, in the third
person. The expected length of the main body of the report
excluding charts, diagrams, appendices, tables, references,
etc. should be around 10,000 words (i.e., approximately 35
pages). Moreover, the complete report should be no more
than 100 pages. Marks may be deducted if the above limits
are exceeded.
2. You are strongly encouraged to use your own words.
Serious action will be taken against any student who
plagiarises in his/her FYP report. The Standard
International Units (SI) should be used. The turn it in
report must be attached.
3. The softcopy of your report must be submitted in CD with
the project title mentioned over it.
2. The contents of the report should be presented in the following
order; Your advisor and
co-advisor may suggest modifications to the given report format.
1) Title page
2) Abstract
3) Dedication
4) Acknowledgement page to give recognition of any advisory or
financial assistance received in the course of the work on
which the report is based.
5) Table of contents
6) List of figures (if any)
7) List of tables (if any)
8) List of symbols (if any)
9) Introduction
10) Review of Literature
11) Methodology
12) Results
13) Discussion
14) Conclusion
15) Recommendations
16) References
17) Appendices (where applicable)
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