AP Literature Vocabulary Study


AP Literature Vocabulary Study These three columns are the basic words with which a student of literature should be familiar—the first column is for studying literature in general, the middle is for studying drama, and the last column is specific to the study of poetry. For each word listed,  Write the literary definition of the word  Develop an original example or quote a famous example for each term Please use a separate sheet of paper or type your responses. General Terms Allegory Allusion Archetype the Canon Connotation Denotation Diction Hyperbole/Overstatement Imagery Irony— dramatic verbal situational cosmic Metaphor Mood Oxymoron Paradox Simile Style Symbol Syntax Theme Tone Understatement/Litotes Drama Terms Aside Comic relief Dramatic monologue Soliloquy Stage direction Poetry Terms Alliteration Apostrophe Assonance Blank verse Consonance Couplet Didactic End rhyme End-stopped line Fixed form Iamb Internal Rhyme Meter Octave Onomatopoeia Open Form/Free verse Personification Quatrain Rhyme scheme Run-on line/Enjambment Scansion Sestet Slant rhyme Speaker Stanza Tercet This is an excellent resource for finding definitions, and it often offers examples too: http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/litgloss/