Mrs. Kirk 9(1) Language Arts Poetry Unit

Mrs. Kirk 9(1) Language Arts
Poetry Unit
TASK: Create a study guide that includes the listed poetry terms.
1. Keep the terms in their designated categories
2. Give a clear, concise definition for each term (LOOK UP the definition but try
to write it in your own words—remember this is a definition you need to study
and memorize). Make sure the definition is poetry related. You can use the
internet or the textbooks in my classroom—see me if you want to borrow one.
3. Include an example for those terms marked with an * (you can look up an
example or think up one yourself—just make sure it’s good)
4. Leave ample space between terms so you can add additional information later.
Your study guide can take the form of a chart, list, graphic organizer or any other form
you devise. It must be complete, neat, and most importantly, correct. I suggest that it be
typed and saved on your computer. Keep in mind that this guide is something you will
need for the remainder of the school year (and beyond…) and that it needs to be in your
binder at all times.
General terms:
 Speaker
 Tone
 Diction
 Connotation*
 Denotation*
 Stanza
 Point of view
o 1st
o 3rd limited
o 3rd omniscient
 End stop line *
 Enjambment *
 Poetic inversion *
Figurative language terms:
 Simile *
 Metaphor *
o Implied or indirect
metaphor *
o Extended metaphor
 Personification *
Imagery *
Pun *
Symbol *
Hyperbole *
Allusion *
Idiom *
Paradox *
Oxymoron *
Synecdoche *
Metonymy *
Sound terms:
Rhyme scheme
End rhyme *
Internal rhyme *
Approximate/slant rhyme *
Alliteration *
Onomatopoeia *
Consonance *
Assonance *