guidelines for UCU officers on dealing with stress at work

Stress toolkit
Guidelines for UCU branch officers on dealing
with stress at work - flowchart
Assessment of whether stress is likely
to be a significant risk
Examples of indicators – surveys/
complaints/sickness absence
records/exit interviews HSE filter tests
Conducted by – union only/employer
Individual raises
stress related
concerns with line
manager. If no
agreement matter
referred to Grievance
Risk is significant - a
risk assessment is
completed for all staff
or an identified group
Risk is considered
insignificant for a group of
workers or individuals - no
further action may be
Assessment of
whether risk is
significant and if so
individual risk
No agreement on control
measures or they are not
implemented – union puts
concerns in writing and
decision on which
procedure to use
Agreement on control
measures for each stress
factor. Measures are
implemented. If stress
factors no longer significant
then no further action
needed apart from a periodic
Agreement on
significant risk and
risk assessment
completed, and
control measures
No agreement on
control measures. If
procedure exhausted
individual accepts
existing conditions
or …
compensation claim if
suffering ill health
Potential Employment Tribunal
claim – discrimination /
constructive dismissal if
forced to resign
Disputes procedure.
Agreement on measures.
If no agreement…
Safety procedure eg
safety committee
Union accepts existing
Or Imposition of sanctions
Or industrial action
Refer matter to the HSE