High Voltage flash over due to non adherence to Electrical Safety Rules
• Not Complying To Electrical Safety Rules and Electrical – PR 1947
• Safety Operating procedures PR 1948 and PTW – PR 1172
• Do not take short cuts due to work pressure.
Recommended Actions:
• Discuss this alert in toolbox talks and HSE meetings and
 Distribute to all contractors
 Post on HSE notice boards
 Include in site HSE induction
• Visit the worksite when planning the task.
• Toolbox talk is needed to ensure that all PtW and Electrical Safety Document conditions
are well understood by the work team.
• Proper controls and procedures must be followed.
• Thorough site visits to verify PtW and Electrical Safety Document is adhered to and
Job Safety Plans are followed.
Strictly Adhere to ESR when working on overhead lines.
Visit the site and carry out risk analysis prior to issuing any Electrical Safety document.
Contact MSE511 for further information or visit HSE website
Reference: HIPO – Marmul
Alert No 14
SEP 2010