LEADERSHIP AND WORKER ENGAGEMENT “What’s in it for me and my business?”

“What’s in it for me and my
Research shows companies with
highly engaged employees achieve a
financial performance four times
greater than companies with poor
“…I knew that without getting
the workforce fully engaged
and committed the company
would die. Instead of which it
was reborn”
(The McLeod Report)
This company has seen a
growth in turnover from £85
million in 2000 to £1 billion in
“[if staff] feel that they have
got the company behind
them…they are more
motivated to take
One company said that
Leadership and worker
engagement approaches cut
accidents by half on their
“…we have been able to demonstrate
the benefits of consulting with our
workforce both directly employed
and through our supply chain for
making business improvements.”
Gerry Mulholland, HSE Leader CHT part of Laing O’Rourke Group
For more information how they achieved this click here
Reducing accidents and
incidents saves you money
in the long-run.
They will help you with your
legal responsibilities and
obligations towards your
The Health and
Safety(Offences)Act 2009 means
that Courts have greater powers
to fine and imprison those who
break health and safety law.
Even The Magistrates’ Court
can impose a maximum
£20,000 fine and a prison
Can you afford that to
happen to you?
Still not convinced?
Then think about the price
of getting it wrong.
On Friday 31 July 2009, a crane
company was fined £125,000 and
ordered to pay costs of £264,299.
The company was found guilty at
Crown Court of two health and
safety breaches that led to the death
of two workers and injured a third.
In 2008-2009
93,000 construction workers
suffered from an illness caused or
made worse by their job.
In 2008-09 2.4 million
days were lost to workrelated ill-health.
That’s 1.1 days for each
Nearly 4,000 major injuries
are reported to HSE by the
Construction Industry every
In 2008-9, 0.6 million days
were lost due to workplace
That’s 0.27 days per worker!
And what about the other
hidden costs…?
Work slows down….
It might even stop….
And the additional paperwork!
It all adds up!
17.8 working days are lost in
the construction industry per
Accidents in construction can
account for 2 – 6 % of total
project costs.
A serious disruption to lasting
more than 9 days could put
you out of business.
In 2007 there were 2156
meso-thelioma deaths
(a type of cancer from exposure to
In the last 25 years,
2,800 people have died as a
result of an accident on a
building site.
That means 2,800 grieving
Jennifer’s husband was
killed on a building site…
“ It wasn’t a big thing that caused
[Kieron] to die…It wasn’t something
major. It was something small.”
Simple changes would have
made a big difference to these
people and their families.
If something happens have you
got a cushion against
accidental losses?
If you think your insurance
company will cover all your
costs think again!
What your insurance does not cover
when there is an accident
•Investigation time
•Lost time
•Sick Pay
•Extra wages
•Over time
•Temporary labour
•Damage or loss of
product and raw
•Repairs to plant and
•Legal Costs
•Loss of contracts
Loss of Business
There are other reasons why it
might pay you to develop your
leadership and engagement
“If you don’t have the people,
and you don’t look after the
people doing the job then you
won’t have a business…”
Jennifer Deeney
activities are not magical or new,
they are all common sense and good
management but in this case engaging
with employees has shown just what can
be done. The important thing is to make
a start”.
(A Manager giving evidence for The McLeod Report)