World Mythology Syllabus

World Mythology Syllabus
Mr. Leonard
Brief Course Description:
The purpose of this class is to acquaint you with some of the world’s most famous and
celebrated myths and legends. Although we will read stories from many cultures, we will
stress the study of the Roman, Greek, Norse and British mythologies. These are the
stories that have affected our language and literature the most. We are not only concerned
with the knowledge of personages and events but with also the philosophy of life, nature,
death, human relationships and the societies revealed in the stories. It is therefore very
important that you read, study and participate in classroom discussion. The stories are fun
and entertaining to read and discuss. The best way to be bored is to not be prepared.
We will have several major assignments during the term which count as test grades. The
due dates will be assigned in consecutive order starting with the following:
A. Choose one Roman or Greek god or goddess and research him/her. The
research is to include the god or goddess’ origins, his/her responsibilities
(example; god of war, goddess of wisdom), his/her major centers of worship
and how he/she plays within the myths and legends of the culture. These
research reports will be given in front of the class. Creativity will add to the
B. You will divide into groups, and you will choose one myth from the Romans
or Greeks and present it as a drama. The grade will be determined by the
following: typed script, memorization of script, costuming, props, creative
presentation of the story.
C. A collaborate report on Arthurian personalities of themes will be presented.
You will be assigned to a group of approximately four students and will work
together on the reports. You will be expected to be creative in your
presentation. (Examples of subjects: The Holy Grail, Lancelot, Camelot,
weaponry, food, medicine, etc.)
D. You will be required to read at least one book outside of class. Secure a copy
of Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.
Students will complete an Alternative Book Report for this book (Examples of
an ABR: Facebook / Myspace account of textual characters/traits, 100 Line
interpretative poem, creation of a character blog through, etc.)
E. Choose one current myth or legend that is of interest to you. Research the
subject thoroughly and present the information in an oral report.
F. Create a myth, legend or tall tale for children. It is to be written in simple
language and format with lots of illustrations. The story itself, not the
illustrations, is due before the completed report with illustrations is due.
(Alternative assignment: write a demigod perspective of yourself similar to
Percy Jackson’s mythological quest. Illustrations must be included. Consider
comic formatting)
NHS Grading:
Grading System:
A = 90 – 100
Tests & Report Projects = 60%
B = 80 – 89
Daily work, quizzes, homework = 40%
C = 70 – 79
F = Below 70 (no credit)
Class Grade:
Grades are cumulative
with final exam
counting 15% of final
Tests & Quizzes:
Tests will be announced ahead of time. Quizzes may be given with or without warning.
Required Materials:
Loose leaf binder, paper, blue/black ink, and pencil.
Make-up/Late Work:
Classroom work missed because of absence should be made up immediately after
retuning to class. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain missed work.
Classroom Rules:
As the student I agree to
1. treat others with respect and courtesy
2. attend class regularly and consistently
3. report to class on time
4. complete assigned work
5. request and complete all make up work
6. bring supplies daily
7. take care of classroom supplies and equipment
I have read and discussed each of the teacher’s expectations and I understand
them as presented and intend to abide by each one.
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