Demonstration Speech Name

Demonstration Speech
Name __________________
What’s the root word of demonstration? ____________________
A demonstration speech shows how to make something, how to do something, or
how something works. It’s also known as a process speech or a “how-to speech.”
1. Demonstrate something that you do well. Let your hands work
2. Organize the steps in the process you are demonstrating. Do the job one
step at a time, pause between steps, and speak slowly enough for your
audience to follow.
3. Make sure that everyone can see what you are doing.
4. Speak with authority. (You’re the expert!)
5. Use props (wherever possible) to help you demonstrate. However, in
certain cases, you may simply pantomime the steps. Either bring the item
you’re demonstrating to class, bring a chart, make a poster, write on the
board, etc.—just make sure that you have some type of visual aid.
6. After you pick your topic, write an outline and practice your speech.
Practice is the key to success! If possible, try to get the class to participate
in your demonstration.
7. This speech must be at least 3 minutes long. Some speeches may be so
involved that they might take half or all of a period! That’s fine!
NOTE: Please do not choose a topic that involves hot grease/oil. Pick something that could be demonstrated
in the classroom or in the parking lot. In some speeches, you can act out/pantomime the steps since it
wouldn’t work to physically do them (like water skiing!) You also have the option of using pictures to show
the steps in progress.
How to:
Clean a fish
Clean a duck
Catch a fish
Apply makeup
Change a tire
Defend yourself
Change oil in car
Tune a guitar
How to serve a volleyball
Make cheesecake
Use a phone card
Program a cell phone
Change a diaper
Make homemade ice cream
Bake a cake
Make hot fudge sundaes Make banana splits
Do the Worm (dance)
Memorize movies
Make a dream catcher
Do a lay-up
Do a hook shot
Hit a homerun
Stay out of trouble
Plant flowers
Feather paint
Paint a wall
Mow a lawn
Paint fingernails
Make wojapi
Make cheesecake
Make cookies
Make a dip
Shoot a free throw
Clean a room
French braid
Curl hair
Put in contacts
Make French toast
Make pancakes
Rope a cow
Make a pinch pot
Build a birdhouse
Build a bridge
Make a bird feeder
Saddle a horse
Cut hair
Groom a dog
Hand off a baton
Put up the volleyball net Make a pop-up book
Make Orange Julius
Plan a garden
Build an end table
Make homemade pizza
Fold a flag properly
Tie a square knot
Landscape a yard
Drive a manual transmission
Dye your hair
Design a Prom dress
Take good pictures
Assemble furniture
Mix paints
Do a football play
Make an arrowhead
Give a perm
Indian dance
Make a star quilt
Make a key chain
Do a cheer
Repot a plant
Play a card game
Write a thank you note
Plant a tree
Lay out a yearbook page Play chess
Use a compass
Play racquetball
Paint a car
Snow ski
Fold napkins
Build a doghouse
Make paper flowers
Build a theatre set
Make pottery
Tie fishing flies
Build a deck
Make a canoe
Do origami
Organize an auction
Do Power Point program Do Excel program
Draw a dog/cat/horse
Give a speech
Make doughnuts
Make fruit pizza
Balance your checkbook Play a drum cadence
Play the drum set
Wash a car
Tie shoes
Write a resume
Write a poem
Decorate a cake
Do a cartwheel
Make a salad
Dissect a frog
Make caramels
Water ski
Plan a surprise party
Build a screen porch
Shear a sheep
Dye Easter eggs
Diet sensibly
Arrange flowers
Braid hitch knots
Apply for college
Play a musical instrument
Roller blade
Eat with chopsticks
Design a ribbon shirt
Sew on a button
Make something out of clay Play
Write a business letter
Study for tests
Shop for shoes
Make whole-wheat bread
Build a bookcase
Build a dollhouse
Plant soybeans/corn
Clean a motor
Cut someone’s hair
Complete a job application
Another option is to explain how something works, such as a
Washing machine
Cuckoo clock
Sewing machine