Chapter 14


Contemporary U.S. History

Mr. Dallas / Mr. Hackbarth

Chapter 14 Identification

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Directions: For a personal reference, write a short descriptor for each person / place / idea concerning Chapter

14 in the corresponding box. You will be graded based on identification for this worksheet and it will also serve as a resource for worksheet packet completion and test preparation.

Item Description

McNary – Haugen Bill

Price – Supports


Alfred E. Smith

Herbert Hoover


Buying On-Margin

Black Tuesday

Great Depression

Hawley – Smoot Tariff


Dust Bowl

Direct Relief

‘Riding the Rails’

Boulder Dam

Hoover Blankets

Hoover Flags

Federal Home Loan Act

Reconstruction Finance


Bonus Expeditionary Force

Patman Bill

Douglas MacArthur

Dwignt D. Eisenhower

Federal Farm Board

National Credit Corporation

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Hoover Hogs

Agricultural Marketing Act

Grain Stabilization Corporation