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multiple choice
The 16th Amendment gave congress the right to:
a) Wiretap phone lines, postcards and emails to
heighten security.
b) Establish an income tax
c) Implement Affirmative Action in schools
d) Veto executive orders
The Lusitania was:
a) a sailboat
b) a powerful weapon
c) a German woman
d) a large cargo ship carrying over 4000 cases of rifile
All of these are a part of Wilson’s 14 points
a) Harsh punishment for the Germans
b) Freedom of the seas in peace and war
c) self-determination
d) A general association of nations
Warren G. Harding’s running mate was:
a) Al Gore
b) Woodrow Wilson
c) Calvin Coolidge
d) James M. Cox
The first election in which women voted was the
election of:
a) 1920
Franklin D. roosevelt was president for:
a) 8 years
b)12 years
c) 16 years
d) 11 years
“Hoovervilles” were:
a) Areas where people had set up shacks with found
objects to live in
b) Places where Hoover had visited
c) Places that voted strongly for Hoover
d) None of the above.
Women in the 1920’s who smoked ,drank and
frequented parties were called:
a) flappers
b) otters
c) feminists
d) stellas
The Neutrality Acts of world war 2.....
a) were keenly followed, effectively keeping the
United States from having any influence on the War.
b) were deliberately and blatantly disobeyed
c) were followed to an extent, but the United States
still managed to influence and aid the allies.
When Drafting for world war one began....
a) An equal percentage of white people and black
people were “accepted” into the army.
b) a greater percentage of white people were
c) a greater percentage of black people were
Nato (North Atlantic treaty organization) was
formed under...
a) agreement that an attack on one member was an
attack on all
b) a need to regulate trade in North America
c) the assumption that they would need the best
weapons in case of World War 3