Unit 4: Essay 4-- How did Hoover & FDR offer different solutions to

Unit 5: Essay 1-- How did Hoover & FDR offer different solutions to the Depression -- Why did FDR beat Hoover in the 1932 election ?
President Herbert Hoover’s Response to the Great Depression
Hoover’s Philosophy & Beliefs
1. Strength of each person and the nation is based upon
______________. This is destroyed if people begin to
Hoover’s Response-Actions as President
1. Hoover tried to encourage Americans to have faith in
in the economy with ______________
_________ on the government.
2. He stopped any attempt by Congress to _________ in
2. If people need temporary help, then Americans should
the national economy or offer _______ to the unemployed
____________ to help each other – called “______________”
3. _______ & ______ governments may provide people with
direct _______ (welfare) only if absolutely necessary, but this
is not the responsibility of the _____________ government.
3. He said _____ & ______ governments may provide
relief to people, if they wish to do so.
4. He creates the _____________ to assist ________ in
helping themselves – this is a ___________ organization
4. Government, especially the federal government, should not
___________ with the national ___________. The economy is
more capable of _________________ if there are problems.
5. He creates the R_____________ F__________ C_____
(RFC) in 1932 to lend money to ________ and _________
5. The Depression is only a ________________________ in
This money will “___________ _________” to the needy
the economy; the economy will __________ if left alone.
in the form of new ________
Remember: “Small Boat Analogy”= (fill-in here)