October 10, 2011

Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity
Student Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes for October 10, 2011
Ethnic Cultural Center- Condon Hall
Time Started: 4:10pm
Members Absent:
Advisers Absent: n/a
Guests Present: Ed Taylor- Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Conor
McLean – ASUW President, Andrew Lewis - OGR
Community Concerns/ Issue Exploration
- Student Disability Resources
o Need more resources for Students who have disabilities
Vice President’s Corner: Updates?
- SAB Retreat Sunday
o Given syllabus and readings for the quarter
- Groundbreaking at ECC
o Wednesday @5pm –
o Legacy groups are invited
o Reception at Condon ECC
- UW Celebrates Disability History month
o Future programs with DASA
Discussion Points
- SAB Officer Nominations
o Officers: Nominations this week and speech/voting next Monday.
 Secretary: Kristine Maramot
 Treasurer : Tony Vo
 Director of Public Relations and Marketing: Chika Ugaobwa
 Director of Campus Climate: Tyler Adamson
New Provost Search Committee
o Discussion led by Ed Taylor (Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Academic
Affairs) and Conor McLean (ASUW President) about the characteristics you want in
a new Provost.
o Visit the Committee Website to learn more about the process:
 http://www.washington.edu/news/articles/provosts-search-committee-to-holdcommunity-meetings-in-early-october
Announcements/Upcoming Events: ASUW, RSOs, etc.
- ASUW: Special Appropriations and Personnel Committee
o www.volunteer.asuw.org
- UWMAPS Collaboration with DASA
- UW Ethnic Cultural Center Retreat
Apply now for a weekend of learning and fun at Camp Sambica in Bellevue WA Oct 21-23
o Download the app on the ECC website: http://depts.washington.edu/ecc/blog/2011/09/2011ecc-retreat-application-download-now/.
o APPS DUE: OCT 12th
Office of Government Relations
o Student Empowerment Banquet – foster collaboration between students and policy markers
on higher education issues
 Annual dinner by ASUW and GPSS on November 3 @630-9
 Fill out RSVP by Oct 31, 2011
 Contact Maxine Sugarman at [email protected]
WAC: Bra Drive for Nigerian Women
AKA Sorority: Pink Yogurt Lids for Breast Care Awareness Month
Time Ended: 5:00pm
Minutes taken by: Kristine Maramot - OMAD VP SAB Secretary
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