Division and Reunion VOCABULARY

8th grade English
Ms. Barth
Lit Circle Group:
Division and Reunion
Please learn the following words. Practice using them, as well as the words from ABC and
Poe, in our discussions and in your essays! You will be tested on these words throughout
the year.
Also refer to the notes you took in class on these words.
ASSIMILATE (v.) Dictionary page: __________
“…Amari tried to assimilate into the culture of plantation life“ (Draper 107).
Definition: To take in information, ideas, or culture and understand fully; to absorb or integrate into a wider
society or culture.
Synonym: integrate, acculturate
Antonym: reject, misunderstand, alienate, segregate
Related: assimilation, assimilative
INCOHERENT (adj.) Dictionary page: __________
“Polly watched, fascinated, as the girl squirmed and screeched and babbled incoherently“ (Draper 78).
Definition: Expressed in an incomprehensible or confusing way; difficult to understand.
Synonym: unintelligible, incomprehensible
Antonym: coherent, articulate
Related: incoherence, incoherently
PLAINTIVE (adj.) Dictionary page: __________
“To Amari, his voice sounded a little plaintive, almost as if he needed her to say she liked him” (Draper
Definition: Sounding sad and mournful.
Synonyms: doleful, melancholy, forlorn
Antonyms: cheerful, happy
Related: plaintively, plaintiveness
SURMISE (v.) Dictionary page: __________
“Amari surmised that women from many different tribes and countries were imprisoned here…“ (Draper 24).
Definition: To suppose that something is true without having evidence to confirm it.
Synonym: suspect, speculate, assume
Antonym: calculate, know
Related: ---
QUAVER (n. or v.) Dictionary page: __________
“Tidbit, honey, you in there?” Teenie called, her voice quavering (185).
v. Shake or tremble in speaking, typically through nervousness or emotion.
n. A shake or a tremble in a person’s voice.
Synonym: tremble, waver, quiver, shake
Antonym: --Related: quaveringly
BEHOLDEN (adj.) Dictionary page: __________
“’You feel beholden to Lockton?’” (Anderson 39).
Definition: Owing thanks or having a duty to someone in return for help or a service.
Synonym: indebted, obligated
Antonym: ungrateful
Related: --BESEECH (v.) Dictionary page: __________
“Most heartedly we beseech thee“ (Anderson 117).
Definition: To ask someone urgently and fervently to do something; to implore.
Synonym: entreat, plead
Antonym: offer, demand
Related: beseechingly
TARRY (v.) Dictionary page: __________
“’Go then,’ she said. ‘But don’t tarry. I’ve much business today’“ (Anderson 4).
Definition: To stay longer than intended; to delay leaving.
Synonym: linger, loiter
Antonym: hurry, leave
Related: tarrier
DILAPIDATED (adj.) Dictionary page: __________
“It was a small plot of land surrounded by a dilapidated picket fence” (Mosley 39).
Definition: In a state of disrepair or ruin as a result of age or neglect.
Synonym: ramshackle, rickety, run-down
Antonym: new, rebuilt, tidy
Related: dilapidation
INDIGNANT (adj.) Dictionary page: __________
“I was still indignant that somebody would interrupt a funeral…” (Mosley 41).
Definition: Feeling or showing offense or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment.
Synonym: affronted, offended
Antonym: pleased, content
Related: indignantly
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