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Madison Magazine is the #1
paid subscriber magazine in the Madison area,
reaching over 153,103 readers.*
(brava: 46,301; InBusiness: 31,982)
Madison Magazine readers are...
75% more likely to earn $150K+ in household income
23% more likely to be a woman age 40-64
51% more likely to be a business owner
85% more likely to hold 4 year college degree
95% more likely to attend an event at the Overture Center
53% more likely to belong to a health club
336% more likely to have had a cosmetic surgery or procedure in the past year
52% more likely to eat out 3-4 times at an upscale restaurant
114% more likely to have shopped at Hilldale Shopping Mall
The Scarborough Demographic Study, 2015
68% of subscribers said they bought
products/services as a result of seeing
an ad in Madison Magazine.
-Circulation Verification Council, March, 2014.
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